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Welcome to DegerFX

DegerFX is among the companies that make the biggest investments in the sector so that you can make safe and fast transactions in the Forex markets. In addition to our reliable technology infrastructure, we are always at your side in the process of meeting Forex with the bulletins prepared by our professional team, technical analysis and continuous investment consultancy support for you to start your investments with confidence. When you decide to become one of our valuable investors, we try to make the investment processes fun for you in addition to profit, with continuous campaigns, free gifts and bonuses that support your margins.

We would be happy to see you among our valuable investors.

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Licensed Platform

Login to your account from anywhere you want from our licensed platform, do not fall behind the market.

Free Forex Tutorial

We establish your investment strategies together in one-on-one trainings with our experts.

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Create your demo account for free and test your investment decisions risk-free.

Quick Deposits and Withdrawals

Don't miss the market. Make your deposit and withdrawal requests instantly on our site.

Account Types

We have an account type for every trader. Let's decide for you together.


In addition to our instant campaigns, you can take advantage of our continuous campaigns whenever you want.

Meta Trader 5

    Make your transactions from any device you want from anywhere.
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    All your transactions are instantly transmitted to the market.
    Perform your transactions easily with a user-friendly interface.
    Profit from both fall and rise
    Easily track your trading orders and positions.
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Download MetaTrader5 by selecting the appropriate link for the device you want to use. You can safely download the Meta Trader 5 application from the App Store and Google Play for your mobile devices and tablets.

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Our Partners

Compensation Fund

Your investments are safe with The Financial Commission at Değer FX The Financial Commission is an independent, global External Dispute Resolution (EDR) organization for investors who cannot resolve disputes directly with financial service providers or Financial Commission member financial intermediaries. The Financial Commission reviews and resolves complaints fairly to facilitate a simpler and smoother resolution than through regulators and the legal system. In addition, the agency provides additional protection for investors through the Commission's Compensation Fund. The Compensation Fund acts as an insurance policy by the Financial Commission for Value Fx clients. It will be held in a separate bank account and will be used or paid when following a dispute resolution does not comply with a decision of the Financial Commission. The Fund is financed by the Finance Commission. The Compensation Fund will only cover decisions made by the Financial Commission up to €20,000 per Client.
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What Clients Say

Safe, Fast and excellent service. full customer satisfaction. I would like to thank everyone who provided this service and contributed.


Your experts are very well trained and your signals are very successful. You have proven how different you are from other institutions in a short time. Keep it up.


One of the safest companies to invest in, Good luck to you.


Thanks to you, I have increased my investments in the short and long term, and I still continue to earn, your market experts are very successful. Thank you.


I have traded in many institutions, I can say that Value fx is far ahead of others with interest and correct directions.


My investments soon multiplied with the help of experts. They fulfilled my withdrawal request in a very short time and completely. Thank you.

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